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Have You Or A Loved One Been Hit From Behind While Driving in Peoria, Az

A rear-end collision occurs when an oncoming vehicle rams into the back of your car. In Peoria, Arizona, the car that just rear-ended you is likely the at-fault driver. So, if you were at a stop sign and got rear-ended, that driver will likely be at fault, as per Arizona law. Another scenario might be that you as a driver slam the brakes on and successfully stop your car from rear-ending the vehicle in front of you, but then, despite all of your efforts to stop or prevent a car accident, you get rear-ended while driving in Peoria Arizona.

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How Can a Peoria Arizona Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Our legal team, comprised of experienced and knowledgeable Peoria Arizona personal injury attorneys, will examine the conditions involved with the car crash, reverse engineer what happened based on the facts and figures collected at the scene of the accident, and take witness statements. We employ reputable accident reconstructionists, chiropractic, and medical professionals to get you the best possible car accident injury treatment. Rest assured, our forensic experts will reinforce you’re not at fault claims with supporting testimony. We have the knowledge, resources, and desire to fight for you and get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

To schedule a no-obligation legal strategy session, please call Peoria Car Accident Attorney at (602) 313-1618 today or submit an online contact form, and we will get back to you shortly. 

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Recently Released Data About Rear-End Crashes from AZDOT

Rear-end crashes are more common than all other multi-car crashes by a long shot. According to recent crash data statistics released by the Arizona Department of Transportation in 2012:

  • 38,567 rear-end collisions occurred in AZ
  • 63% of all collisions reported in AZ were rear-ended collisions
  • 50 fatal rear-end collisions occurred
  • 76% of fatal crashes in Arizona were rear-ended crashes
  • 32% of injury crashes were rear-ended accidents

Source: AZDOT

The Top 5 reasons the driver who rear-ended you usually was at fault

  • Driving too close
  • Speeding too fast to stop
  • Distracted driving
  • Faulty Mechanical Maintenance
  • Texting

Be aware that you, as the accident victim, are entitled to financial compensation for medical expenses, hospital bills, pain, and suffering, lost income or wages, future lost income or wages, and property damage. Please speak to one of our Peoria Az attorneys concerning filing a personal injury claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

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How would you describe a rear-end collision?

When a driver collides with the vehicle in front of them from behind, this type of collision is known as a rear-end accident. They frequently take place at stop signs, red lights, or when traffic is particularly heavy. The majority of rear-end collisions take place at moderate to slow speeds. However, they are more likely to happen at higher speeds on highways and other types of roadways designed for high-speed travel.

In most cases, two vehicles are involved in a rear-end collision. On the other hand, they have the potential to set off a chain reaction that also impacts other cars.

Who Is At Fault In a Rear-End Accident?

There are numerous causes of auto accidents. The possible scenarios are virtually limitless, from minor fender benders to high-speed head-on collisions. However, rear-end collisions are one of the most frequent automobile accidents. Generally speaking, the driver who rear-ends the car in front of them is legally liable for any damages. However, there are exceptions to the rule, such as:

  • Where the collision was caused by the negligence of the driver in front of the trailing vehicle, and when regulations regarding contributory and comparative responsibility restrict or eliminate the possibility of the front driver to recover damages from the motorist behind them.
  • Learn the fundamentals of establishing who was to blame in an automobile crash.

Anyone driving a car or SUV is responsible for maintaining a safe following distance, which varies based on the speed of the other vehicles, the street or highway conditions, and additional factors. When driving, disobeying this requirement is deemed negligent. As a result, a trailing driver who rear-ends the vehicle in front of them will typically be held at a minimum partially culpable in a rear-end incident.

What Occurs During a Collision Where One Car Hits Another in the Rear?

  •  A car is said to have been involved in a rear-end collision when it is struck from behind by the front of another vehicle.
  • The amount of damage done to the vehicle and the severity of the victim’s injuries are contingent on the speeds at which each car was going at the time of the incident, the types of vehicles involved, and the road conditions.

There are a few distinct scenarios that can play out in the event of a rear-end collision:

  • The driver in the back seat moved forward at a slow speed and crashed into the driver’s car in front of them.
  • The driver who was found to be at blame was traveling at a high rate of speed when they collided with another vehicle that was stopped.
  • The driver in the back was going a lot quicker than the motorist in front of him, and the two drivers’ cars crashed into each other while they were still moving.


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