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Peoria Motor Vehicle accident victims typically have a lot on their mind and the added stress of the thought that you may have to file a personal Injury claim can be daunting. Sometimes this is a necessary task but if you are the not at fault driver let us remind you the insurance companies involved, including your own insurance company, don’t necessarily have your best interest in mind. They are a corporation that is making money and they want to compensate you the least amount you will accept. Did you know all insurance adjusters are trained extensively to know how to get you the accident victims to take the least amount of compensation for your medical bills, property damage and pain and suffering as possible? This is not the time for a quick and easy sum of cash.

Actually, this is the time to call on the experts at Peoria Car Accident Attorney Law Firm to learn more about your legal rights and options as a Peoria Arizona car accident victim. We are offering you a free no obligation case evaluation to help you make the right decisions when comes time to settle with your insurance company. Call now (602) 313-1618

Who Is Responsible for the Accident?

Typically, an accident victim knows who caused their Peoria Arizona traffic accident, but in order to have a legitimate claim for financial compensation, one has to prove the other party was at fault. You must be ever mindful that all insurance companies are aware of numerous aspects that can be used to determine which party failed to uphold their requirements to be driving a motor vehicle in Peoria AZ.

Here are just a few factors that may influence your car accident settlement:

Driver Fatigue. Recently fatigued driving, a serious form of impairment has been compared to driving drunk. A motor vehicle operated by a fatigued driver can be lethal. Fatigued driving is a definite factor in Peoria Arizona trucking accidents.

Distracted Driving. Distracted driving can be as simple as adjusting your mirror or taking your eyes off the road to change the radio station. Many drivers don’t realize that just about any tiny distraction can ruin your life and even worse take the. So, ask yourself if you practice any of these distracted driver actions like talking to a passenger, eating, drinking, brushing your hair, talking on your cell phone, and/or texting which anyone of these can lead to collisions.

Drivers disobeying laws of the road. Non courteous drivers who change lanes without using their turn signals, cutting drivers off, tailgating, speeding, late breaking and not paying attention to traffic signals and signs. These can all be considered negligent driving which can lead to serious injury and even death.

Lead foot drivers. A typical speed demon is always dangerous. Be aware a driver doesn’t have to exceed the speed limit to be held liable for a fatal car crash. They only need to drive at an unsafe speed considering the traffic pattern and weather conditions.

Drunk Drivers. Any individual who operates a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs are at higher risk for causing a fatal crash.

Reckless Drivers. Many fatal collisions happen at intersections when reckless drivers do not obey traffic control devices, such as red lights and stop signs.

Third-party negligence. Hazardous road conditions and defective car parts are just two ways in which third parties are can be found liable for third-party negligence collision. Like drivers, cities, counties and manufacturers can and should be held accountable for negligence.

It is crucial to gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim. Our experienced traffic accident lawyers can be an invaluable asset during this stressful time. The legal team at Peoria Car Accident Lawyer has the experience, desire and the ability to handle a thorough accident investigation on your behalf. We will build a strong case against the at fault party by working closely with experts in the field such as accident reconstructionists, forensic investigators.

Why not take us up on our free no obligation legal case evaluation call now. (602) 313-1618 

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