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Lawyers Increase Car Accident Injury Settlement Offers

While handling your own personal injury claim may appear to be the best way to receive the compensation you deserve following a motor vehicle collision in Peoria Arizona. Settlement statistics show otherwise. Hiring an attorney costs, you nothing up front and out of your pocket. Car collision personal injury attorneys will deal with the insurance provider from beginning to end and typically accident settlements are over 300% higher than those who don’t hire an attorney.

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Have you been hurt in a vehicle collision due to someone negligence? Does it make any sense to employ a personal injury lawyer? Even if you have a seemingly cooperative insurance adjuster who wants to help you understand that their primary goal is to payout the least amount of money as possible by low balling every claim.

The adjuster has an obligation to the insurance company, and their objectives are to delay the settlement procedure at every turn, discover a way to reject your claim outright, or otherwise limit the potential value of your claim. They do this every day all day long, and they utilize every trick in the book to accomplish their task. Be aware without the tutelage of a Peoria car accident lawyer, the opposing insurance company holds all the chips.

Absolutely nothing in the law requires that an insurance company must compensate a victim for their injuries, pain, and suffering following a car crash; only a court decision can do that. To prevent car wreck victims from working with a lawyer and possibly taking the insurance company to court for, they will often try to settle a case early while you are required to sign your right to pursue more damages away. We opine these types of settlement deals are offensively low.

If you threaten to file a lawsuit and take them to court, the insurance company simply is not threatened if you are not represented by a lawyer. Insurance companies employ a team of lawyers who make a great deal of money and are ready to go to battle with you personally any time you are ready and one simple mistake on your part and your case will be thrown out. You would have to know how to get evidence admitted in court properly. You would be expected to respond to motion of summary judgement or even a list of admissions.

Insurance companies are not fair to victims and definitely do not have your best interests at heart.

Farmers, All State, Progressive, Safeco, USAA, State Farm, Geico and other insurance companies intentionally will string auto injury victims out until the time to hire an attorney expires. Insurance companies have been known to ask for submission of medical records in the guise they will pay for them and wait for you to complete your prescribed treatment and then only offer 20%. If you don’t have legal representation you may be burdened with the 80% difference.

You as a Peoria car collision victim are free at any time to accept any offer the insurance company offers but in reality, if you are represented by a legal representative settlement offers are much higher. The fact remains you are entitled to 100% of medical expenses incurred by auto accident in question both past and future medical costs.

You Never Risk Losing Your Money By Hiring A Peoria Car Accident Attorney

Personal injury attorneys in our firm do not cost you anything out of pocket. We earn a fee only when we win your case. Consider this even once you deduct attorneys’ fees statistically you will bring home more money that you would if you represented yourself.

Recent Studies and Reports Make Clear Car Accident Personal Injury Attorneys Get You More Money.

A major study conducted by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) concluded insurance compensation were much higher when the injured victim had legal counsel. The All-Industry Research Advisory Council (ARAC) concluded the same thing.

Hiring a Peoria Motor Vehicle accident lawyer will result in you receiving more compensation at no upfront cost to you.

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