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Highway Accident Near Peoria Arizona

Let’s face it, whether you are driving a car, SUV, truck, or operating a motorcycle, sooner or later you will find yourself on an Arizona highway. The dangers of highway travel are imminent, but sometimes not so obvious.

The Dangers of Driving on the Highways and Byways nearby Peoria Arizona

If you have been driving for years, you might take these dangers for granted. If you are a less experienced driver you may not be aware that highway driving is dangerous and comes with considerable risk to you as a driver, your passengers, commercial vehicles (sometimes with exhausted drivers), highway work crews, wildlife that wander onto the highway and many others man made obstacles.

As speed limits have increased above 55 MPH, the dangers of driving or riding on Arizona highways have also increased. Obviously, controlling your vehicle at a higher speed requires more driver responsibility and it’s a fact that higher speed limits present more potential for accidents than lower speed limits. It is generally accepted that speeding causes more accidents than almost any other accident scenarios.

Have you or a loved one been involved in a highway motor vehicle accident because of another driver’s negligent behavior? If so, it just makes sense to consult with a Peoria Az highway accident attorney.

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Highway Speeding-Related Fatalities in the U.S.

The following lists the statistical data as it pertains to speed-related deaths on US highways in 2009, as per transportation.gov

  • S.: 954 highway fatalities occurred at speeds over 55 mph *2009
  • S.: 287 highway fatalities occurred at speeds 55 mph or under *2009
  • Arizona Highways: 54 deaths occurred at speeds over 55 mph *2009
  • Arizona Highways: 6 deaths occurred at speeds at or under 55 mph *2009

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